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 Alaron - Caer Callidyrr

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Caer Callidyrr (Large City, pop: 21,486): Caer Callidyrr is a leftover of a previous civilization's peak, a mighty castle built on the island of Alaron above a sprawling port city.

This city has shifted power back and forth between Cymrych Hugh of old who moved here first after uniting the Ffolk before swinging back to Caer Corwell on the isle of Gwynneth due to the Kendrick line and their proximity to the Myrloch Vale. Even with the power shifted to Gwynneth, it did not die out as many of the mages who were allowed to train in this city remained behind to further their studies. and many noble lords were also opposed to a shift in power away from their island and clung as tightly as they could to what little power they had left. Some say that it was one of these lords that attack the Kendrick family line causing it to crumble away and throwing the local Overseer into the highest position of authority effectively calling himself king.

It is in this mentality that the city works with a grin on the face and a dagger in hand. With greasy palms the guards patrol the streets trying to keep order for their superiors while also looking out for their purses. Merchants wheel and deal promising one thing to one merchant and another to the next merchant they see, all for a quick coin. It's difficult to know who is honest and who isn't but one thing is for sure, this city is not what it used to be and is floating further from what is what meant to be when it was first built by each passing day.

Summons, animal companions, shape-shifting, and the like are not tolerated by the city guard which may result in any combination of 1)Fines 2)Removal from the city 3) Death
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Alaron - Caer Callidyrr
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