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 Making a New Character

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PostSubject: Making a New Character   Making a New Character EmptySat Mar 07, 2009 1:12 pm

I wanted to remind players that when making a new character, at first level, you will not see all the skills and feats. The feats are not that important (as there aren't that many to choose from and they are just as effective later) but the skills may be something to take note of. Here's a list of the skills you won't see on start up but you may want to save your skill points for:

Knowledge: Arcana
Knowledge: Religion
Knowledge: History
Knowledge: Local
Knowledge: Planar
Knowledge: Noble
Knowledge: Nature

Sense Motive
Escape Artist
Gather Info
Sleight of Hand
Craft Potion/Potion
Apply Poison

Click here for the haks
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Making a New Character
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