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Welcome to The Moonshae Isles! There are a lot of things that are new and different than regular Neverwinter Nights and even other modules as well. Compiled here is a list of things to check out to get your bearings and get a better understanding of the server.

If you had to sum up this server's style and philosophy, what would it be?
This is a roleplay (RP) server created with the player in mind. We want all players to win in one way or another, though it may not always be easy or happen the first time. This is a game and we play to have fun, specifically in a RP setting. We're not into out-of-character (OOC) drama. We simply want to offer a place where you can get home from school, work, or whatever, kick up your feet and immerse yourself into the epic story of your character; the story of good and evil, power and humility, big and small, steel and magic. You don't have to be a D&D expert, however, we also welcome those who know their lore. Deep down we're all kids at heart coming together to play a game.

What are the Moonshae Islands?
You can find a quick informative rundown here

Do I need anything to play on this server?
Unfortunately you do. Haks (no, not like a virus but what the files for Neverwinter Nights are called) are necessary if you really want custom spells, feats, clothing, etc. The haks have been compiled into one easy to use installer that can be found here. If you would like the haks individually, email the Admin.

Why would I want to download all this stuff? Why not just use CEP?
CEP is great and the people who compile everything for it are amazing. I decided to not use CEP because I have made my own custom things, used other haks which are not in CEP, and CEP is very big. I would rather not have people who have no haks to have to download all of that.

So what kind of custom content have you made?
Brief information on custom spells, classes, subraces, and the like can be found here.

Why does the module have beta in its name?
The module is still undergoing many area and hak changes which require downloads to be changed however, enough work has been done that the module is alive and worth playing as it is. Some things in store are more prestige classes, subraces, feats, etc.

I want to post on the forums. How do I do that?
You may post on the forums after the account you created has been approved by the Admin. Also please make sure to read the rules for forum posting as all posters will be held accountable. Ignorance is not a viable answer for breaking forum rules.

Is there anything going on? How do I know when a DM has an event?
The module has been geared to feel like a DM is running the show without one being present however, that being said, there's nothing like the ingenuity and surprise that a DM brings to the table. DMs are encouraged to lead events for players when their schedule allows. Players can check the calendar to see which DM is running an event and if there are still slots available. To find the calendar, look at the row of little buttons underneath the forum picture (which, by the way will return you to the homepage by clicking on it). The calendar is the second from the left.

Please feel free to browse the forums. If you are so inclined, also feel free to post under the New Players section to let people know who you are. The lore section has information on the major information of The Moonshae Isles. The PC Stories/Backgrounds is a place for other players to read about the life and times of your character.

Keep in mind there are rules for playing on the module. If you play on the module and if you post on these forums, you agree to these rules. Read them here.

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New Player Information
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