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 The Northmen

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The Northlanders are a seafaring people who inhabit the northern parts of the Moonshae Isles. Descendants of raiders from the island of Ruathym, the Northlanders are a sturdy, war-ready people who worship the god Tempus. Unlike the Ffolk, who also inhabit the Moonshaes, the Northlanders aren't interested in the subtle beauty of nature and are more comfortable out at sea than admiring nature. The Northlanders are believed to be related to the Uthgardt.

The Northlanders have had a longtime conflict with the other group of people who inhabit the Moonshaes, the Ffolk. The Ffolk are more peaceful, and Northlanders sometimes take to raiding Ffolk settlements, creating tension between the two peoples as a whole. Northlanders have quieted down somewhat since the High King of the Moonshae Isles, Tristan Kendrick, has made initiatives towards peace between the two populations of his lands, initiatives which have been continued by his daughter, Alicia Kendrick. Further advances in peace between the two peoples has been brought about by marriages between Northlanders and Ffolk, almost forcing families to at least tolerate each other.
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The Northmen
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