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 The Ffolk

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In years long past the Moonshae isles were entirely inhabited by the Ffolk and before that it was the Llewyrr elves. Though some of the elves do exist in the Moonshae isles, their presence is only seen or merely felt in times of great tribulation. Having very few enemies besides Firbolgs and natural creatures, the Ffolk had little to fear in the way of war and invasion, that is until the Northmen arrived. A long and dark chapter opened for the Ffolk as the berserk wildmen in their sleek longships flew in like a storm off the sea. Somewhat reminiscent of vikings, these Northmen continued to raid the Moonshae isles driving the agricultural Ffolk to the Southern half of the island group. The Ffolk now live mainly on Moray, Snowdown, Gwynneth, and the lower half of Alaron with their capital city, Callidyrr, on the island of Alaron.

Though many enemies arrived throughout the lifetime of the Ffolk, they are a hardy people that have driven off more creatures than men or firbolg. There are tales of old Cymrych Hugh and his wondrous sword. It was in this story that the islands were gathered together under his wing and united against ancient enemies. Another tale is sung of King Kendrick who found the same sword and used it to defeat a god who would enter through the Moonshaes. It was through this same king that a lasting peace was established with the men of the North which has been recently pulled tense once again for some would say that the line of the Kendricks has been extinguished by the current monarch while others say that an infant of the family had escaped some travesty. Few would claim that the current king is a direct descendant of the kings of old and will claim his place like Cymrych Hugh or King Kendrick.1

However the story may go, a great unease has moved throughout all the isles as the king has become recluse and has ordered all ships coming into the harbors to remain. Food supplies are beginning to show signs of need and the Northmen are on edge as the borders have been closed to any traveler. The future of the Moonshae isles and the Ffolk stands teetering. It seems even a breath could knock it over...


1 This is an addition that is not in lore but merely for playing purposes of the module.
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The Ffolk
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