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PostSubject: Rorick Peakhold   Rorick Peakhold EmptyWed Nov 10, 2010 5:44 am

Oh, what bliss to set foot once again on solid ground. "That rickety mass of wood that captain called a boat is ready to sink at any minute and it almost did with me on it!" thought Rorick. The stubby dwarf found himself gazing around at some port town drenched in mud. Seeing as he was now on an island, he knew he'd have to approach a boat in the future but for now, he decided to get as far away from the deep brine surrounding this land mass and move at least a few steps inland.

A guard on patrol came near and eyed the dwarf with suspicion. Rorick had gathered before coming that any non-human would be an item of scrutiny for the folks around here. "Best keep my head down and my nose dry." he murmured to himself. The guard stopped abruptly and approached the dwarf. "I come not to welcome but to warn, dwarf. This is Caer Llewellyn* on the southern-most tip of Alaron island. I recommend you find the guard captain and make your presence known before he decides to fetch you anyways. If you're one of those magic types, you best be careful not to perform those things around here. We don't take too kindly to that in these parts. Captain's in there." he said as he pointed to a large fierce looking wooden building. "Go, now."

The much shorter dwarf gripped the patrolman with his gaze and nodded. "I could turn him into a nice fluffy kitty cat." Rorick pondered. "But that would likely get me in trouble which I am not looking for here." "Where is your library?" Rorick asked. "Library?" the patrolman replied. "You'll have to go to Caer Callidyrr for that. Enough hanging around. You'd best go see the captain of your own will..." He let the soft threat hang. Letting out a dwarven snort, Rorick made his way to the wooden building and opened the double doors to make his way inside.

*Pronounced "care loo-ellen"
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Rorick Peakhold
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