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 Module Rules

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PostSubject: Module Rules   Module Rules EmptySat Oct 11, 2008 7:41 am

This module is a public server and as such many people of different ages and backgrounds may join. Since this is the case, the admins have decided that the module be kept clean in general by all who partake of the server. What we mean is that language be kept in character and somewhat clean (no running around cursing because one 'feels like it') and there is no tolerance for cybering. Anyone caught cybering or what looks like (at the discretion of the DM) to be cybering will be booted from the server.

It would be the hope that common sense would dictate actions of the players but since there is little to no connection to that actual person sitting behind the screen and most people tend to do whatever they want, rules must be established so that a general foundation be coordinated by all who play.

Major Module Rules:

1. Cybering - Automatic Boot/Possible Short Term Ban - If it looks like you are cybering you may be booted at the discretion of the DM (ie sitting in a room with no clothes on with another PC in the same room equally dressed. C'mon people...)
2. Rape RP - Automatic Boot/Possible Permanent Ban - This will in no way be tolerated
3. Exploiting - Automatic Boot/Possible Short Term Ban - Finding bugs and exploiting them for gold, goods, stat altering, or anything which gives an exploited advantage not sanctioned by the Admin staff is not tolerated.
4. Cursing - Warning/Possible Boot - It takes a person of character to watch what they say. Since we support character development we do not support cursing that would hinder the experience of another player. It may be that a PC does have a tendency to run their mouth but pushing that limit too far could result in a boot. If a player is running his/her mouth out-of-character and cursing up a storm, a boot will be enacted.

Minor Module Rules:

1. OOC (Out-of-Character) - Please keep as much of the gaming experience in character as possible. If OOC is necesary, use tells or a '//' before any dialogue and keep it to a minimum. 'Party Chat' is extremely helpful for DMs running events so as such OOC chatter in 'Party Chat' is also to be kept at a minimum.
2. Naming Your PC - The name of your PC should be unique to your PC as well as relevant to the context of the campaign. P-Diddy and Chuck Norris are not acceptable names for your PCs nor is Bilbo, Frodo, Mighty Mouse, Harry Potter, or other famous names. This also includes giving yourself an unearned title. If the DM feels you have violated this rule, he/she will require the player to rename the character. If the player refuses to rename, the character will be removed from the vault.
3. Muling/Twinking - The act of passing on goods from one PC to another by dropping them onto the ground and relogging so that the other will benefit is not allowed nor is giving items or gold to another player which are not deserved or beyond their ability to achieve.
4. Meta-Gaming - Meta-gaming is using knowledge which your PC would not know through your PC. For example, a player who recently dies sends a tell to their friend to come and raise them. This is meta-gaming and doing so may result in either a docking of a level, losing half the PCs gold, or both.

The above are general rules for the server but the decision comes through the DMs and ultimately through the Admins. If they decide that what the player does is disruptive to the server, they have every right to remove that person permanently if the case warrants an extreme measure. If you do not like it then you have every right not to play here.
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PostSubject: Re: Module Rules   Module Rules EmptyMon Oct 12, 2009 1:49 pm

Rules for RP:

To prevent headaches and to create an even field of play, some rules have been made to ensure that all players get equal treatment.

1)A PC* cannot be in two opposing factions.
a)If the PC is in a faction that becomes hostile to another faction of that same PC then the decision shall be brought to DM attention.
b)Those PCs which are in opposing factions on account of RP must first get approval from the DM staff.

2)All PCs from the same player cannot meet.
a)If you have 2 PCs in the same faction (which is not recommended), they will never meet or transfer communications between one another.
b)Any RP that is based on transfer of information between two PCs from the same player is null and void

3)A PC who is in leadership of one faction cannot be apart of any other faction.
a)This includes DMs who are automatically set in charge of a faction/area.
b)This prevents odd faction alliances or similar forms of metagaming.

*A PC is a specific character belonging to a player, not all the player's characters.
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Module Rules
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