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PostSubject: Request an Event   Request an Event EmptyTue Dec 29, 2009 11:27 pm

Post a request for an event if you wish and we will do what we can to get a DM to fulfill your event wish.

If changes are being made that affect your PCs stats (ex. class changes) than you must first have enough DM cookies for that changes before they will be made.

The event must be approved by the DM staff before it is allowed to be run and any outcome of the event may or may not be what the original poster desired. The DM may include people in the event at his/her discretion. The event may need to be postponed or extended to a later date at the discretion of the DM.

The DM has the final say in the event.

Examples of an event:
Changing an alignment
Changing a class
A simple dungeon crawl


What to post:

Topic Title: Event Name
Create a Name for the event in the topic title (something more creative than "Dungeon Crawl" so if others want to join, it is easy for DMs to find "Dungeon Crawl - Dagesh")

*Characters involved
PC Name:
PC Classes/Levels:
Log-In Name:

*Requesting More to Join = YES
If you want others to join but want to leave it open, add the line equaling YES

*Event Reason/Type

*Preferred Time (three choices for DMs to choose from. Three is not necessary though recommended)
Choice A:
Choice B:
Choice C:

If you want to join an event that is left open for others to join, send a PM to a DM with the topic title and the PC information for the Characters involved section of the post (PC name, PC Classes/Levels, Log-In name)

NOTE: This is experimental. We will see how this goes and if successful, it will become a part of our routine.
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Request an Event
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