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PostSubject: Deities   Deities EmptyMon Sep 21, 2009 10:00 pm

It was suggested that we offer this list and I agree. If you want to offer insight, PM me or another DM and we will consider adding it.

-Greater Deities
*Ao-He is rarely worshipped and rarely if ever answers those who call to him.
*Akadi-Akadi is the goddess of Movement, Speed, and Air Elementals. Her alignment is primarily Neutral, and the symbol of Akadi is usually represented by a pale cloud on a blue background.
*Bane-also known as the "Black Hand" and "Black Lord", is the deity of hatred, fear, and tyranny.
*Chauntea-goddess of agriculture, farmers, gardeners, summer. Neutral Good. She is the main deity for clerics on the Moonshaes
*Cyric-god of murder, lies, intrigue, strife, deception, illusion. Chaotic Evil.
*Grumbar-god of elemental earth, solidity, changelessness, oaths. True Neutral.
*Istishia-god of elemental water, purification, wetness. True Neutral.
*Kelemvor-god of death, the dead. Lawful Neutral.
*Kossuth-god of elemental fire, purification through fire. True Neutral.
*Lathander-god of spring, dawn, birth, youth, vitality, athletics. Neutral Good.
*Mystra-goddess of magic, spells, the Weave. Neutral Good.
*Oghma-god of knowledge, invention, inspiration, bards. True Neutral.
*Sel√Ľne-goddess of the moon, stars, navigation, prophecy, questers, good and neutral lycanthropes
*Shar-goddess of dark, night, loss, forgetfulness, unrevealed secrets, caverns, dungeons, the Underdark. Neutral Evil.
*Silvanus-god of wild nature, druids. True Neutral.
*Sune-goddess of beauty, love, passion
*Talos-god of storms, destruction, rebellion, conflagrations, earthquakes, vortices. Chaotic Evil
*Tempus-god of war, battle, warriors. Chaotic Neutral.
*Tyr-god of justice. Lawful Good
*Ubtao-god of creation, jungles, Chult, the Chultans, dinosaurs. True Neutral.

-Intermediate Deities
*Auril-goddess of cold, winter
*Bahamut-god of good dragons, wind, wisdom, justice
*Mask-god of thieves, thievery, shadows
*Beshaba-goddess of random mischief, misfortune, bad luck, accidents
*Gond-god of artifice, craft, construction, smithwork
*Helm-god of guardians, protectors, protection.
*Ilmater-god of endurance, suffering, martyrdom, perseverance
*Lolth-goddess of Drow, spiders, darkness, chaos , evil, assassination. Chaotic Evil.
*Mielikki-goddess of forests, forest creatures, rangers, dryads, autumn
*Tymora-goddess of good fortune, skill, victory, adventurers
*Umberlee-goddess of oceans, currents, waves, sea winds
*Waukeen-also known as "The Merchant's Friend", is the goddess of trade, money, and wealth.

-Lesser Deities
*Azuth-god of wizards, mages, spellcasters in general.
*Deneir-the deity of literature, art, knowledge, glyphs, images, and cartography
*Eldath-goddess of quiet places, springs, pools, peace, waterfalls
*Lliira-goddess of joy, happiness, dance, festivals, freedom, liberty
*Lurue-goddess of intelligent beasts,talking beasts
*Malar-is the deity of the hunt, evil lycanthropes, bestial savagery, and bloodlust. He is commonly associated with chaotic evil
*Shaundakul-god of wind, portals, travel, exploration, caravans
*Talona-goddess of disease, poison
*Torm-god of duty, loyalty, obedience, paladins

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